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Written by Beatriz Calero

Did you enjoy one of our last DressedIn Madrid posts about Madrilenian fashionistas favourite shops? Today, we come again with same topic but different location: Ibiza.
Hear what Ibiza’s fashionistas have to say because you will learn quite A LOT about fashion boutiques and shopping on the island.

We are happy to introduce you our Ibiza Fashion experts:





dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_favourite_shops_Dianapintado_0Diana Pintado (Dipinca), designer, blogger and actress:

Diana is a dancer, an actress, a fashion designer and a blogger! WOW, right? She was born in Valladolid, but raised in Ibiza surrounded by art and fashion.

Diana´s brand DiPinCa offer absolutely different and unique fashion items. Actually, the leitmotiv of the brand is “not for everybody”, as only most original and daring women could wear her designs. Therefore, her fashion style is similar to her brand´s style. She is versatile and unique: She loves to overlap several layers on her outfits, and she is a truly lover of vintage pieces. Her favourite fashion item is a good hat, and she loves to wear hats in her day-a-day.





Suite Ibiza: Diana loves the great variety of items from different brands and designers, all integrated under the same bohemian and colourful style. Of course, is also one of Diana´s favourite shops in Ibiza because you can find there all her designs from DiPinCa´s collection by Diana Pintado.

Suite Ibiza2


Vicente Ganesha: Vicente and his shop are a MUST in Ibiza. Diana was raised just around the corner, as her mum was working at Happy Valley, one of best vintage boutiques in Ibiza, which is closed now (they just sell in markets now). What Diana loves the most about this shop is the hippie, indie style, as well as the know how of creating modern and trendy clothes. Another positive point for her about V. Ganesha is the ideal location of the shop just in the centre of Ibiza Town! She loves to go there to find exclusive vintage pieces.

Vicente Ganesha


Ibiza Code: Every time Diana passes around this shop, she feels the need to go in and check Ibiza Code´s items. What Diana loves the most about Ibiza Code is the quality. They sell exquisite leather bags and shoes and lovely accessories. To sum up, a must-visit fashion boutique in Ibiza!

Ibiza Code 





Damares (Dama Ibiza), Instagrammer and editor at Ibiza Luxe Magazine:

Damares is one of trendiest it-girls of Ibiza´s fashion scene. She uses her Instagram and FB accounts to show off her authentic and natural style!
Dama´s fashion style is absolutely versatile, natural and fresh. Some of her favourite fashion items are jeans and boots, but she also loves to wear more sophisticated and dressed-up outfits when she goes out for a party or a special dinner.
Because of her job and her hobby, she needs to be up-to-date about fashion trends and she loves to go shopping.

Actually some of her favorite fashion boutiques in Ibiza are:

Sexy Sexy Woman: is Damares’ favorite shop on the island. This boutique, located in the centre of Ibiza Town, offers last trends on glamorous dresses and other rock-chic items. It is actually a multi-brand store, where you can find some of the coolest firms of the moment. Dama loves to buy here her sophisticated outfits to go out!

Sexy Sexy woman store2

Mon Amour Ibiza
: Dama loves its style and affordable prices. This shop is Damares favourite one to purchase her day-a-day outfits.

Mon Amour Ibiza


Scarabee Ibiza: This shop clothes come directly from France. Therefore, Dama loves Scarabee chic, Parisian and exclusive style. It is the perfect place to find more elegant and sophisticated outfits to attend work events, for instance.

Scarabee ibiza



Dressed_in_Ibiza_favorite_shops_Ksenija_Rodos (1)
Ksenija Rodos, Founder and CEO of DressedIn:

Ksenija works in the International fashion industry for more than 10 years now, being the Head of Projects for the Berlin Fashion Week, collaborating as a fashion stylist with Vogue Germany in the past, she now lives on Ibiza for 4 years, where she created the Shopping and Fashion Guide for Spain, DressedIn.

She is an absolute shopaholic and is always aware about the hottest up-coming trends. Her personal style is changing with her mood, from the typical Ibiza-Boho style, to elegant, minimalistic, sporty, to super hip.

As diverse as her styles are her favourite shopping locations on Ibiza:





Geisha Atelier: This super trendy store brings Italian Fashion directly from the catwalks of Milan to Ibiza. Ksenija admires the super high quality of the different designer brands Geisha Atelier is offering and the minimalistic style, which has the most creative cuttings and materials of the island.

Geisha Atelier Ibiza


Marney & Me: This store Ksenija loves as a shopping destination for her everyday outfits. The style is simple but stylish at the same time, wearable in every country of the world. And of course it is always a special highlight to meet Marney, the star of the fashion store.

Marney & Me Ibiza

Camisado: This vintage store is absolutely unique on the island and offers original clothes from all decades. Every single peace is one of a kind and gives you the feeling to own something really unique and special. A must-shop for every vintage lover.

Camisado Vintage Ibiza