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Written by Beatriz Calero

When it has to do with lingerie, you absolutely need to listen what Victoria´s Secret has to say, which today is: “No padding is sexy, now”! What does this mean? That the hottest trend in what refers to the underwear universe right now is: no underwire and no push up in your bras, the trendiest now is the so-called Bralette!

This new trend could have hurt Victoria´s Secret, which used to follow the opposite marketing strategy traditionally selling bras with padding and push-up. However, they have changed their message to adapt to the market needs!

Bralette is the trend many women were waiting for and it is probably one of our favourite ones for this summer 2016. The bralette, which could be defined as a mix of a cropped top and a regular bra, is actually nothing new: it´s always been used by women with small or regular breast or by sportswomen. However, today, absolutely any woman could use a bralette!

Do you still feel unsure about using this new bra? We give you all the tips to learn how to use it, as well as, all the pros and advantages the bralette has:

Bralette is much more comfortable than a regular bra. In fact, many women that use it affirm that it gives you a total feeling of freedom. At the same time, bralettes are really sexy and feminine!

On the other hand, women who use bralettes affirm that they hold your breast as well as a regular bra would do it. To sum up: you will get the same comfort without renouncing to sensuality or safety!

After Victoria Secret, most important lingerie firms such as Oysho, Women Secret, Intimissimi or Calzedonia started designing bralettes, which today are their best sellers. (Find out best underwear shops to buy your bralette for summer 2016 at our DressedIn shopping guide).

And, what about how to wear a bralette?
If you want to use your bralette in a discrete and gentle way, our advice is to wear it under your sheer white t-shirt, turning your basic outfit into a really cool and special one.

Another good idea to wear your bralette is to style it under a transparent blouse or t-shirt. To get a sexier and more original look, you can use one of the most discrete models directly as a top and combined with a maxi skirt or with long and loose pants.

Take a look to the sexiest and most intimate shopping items we have prepared for you and get your favourite bralette this summer!