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Written by Ksenija Rodos

The day of love is coming soon and if you’re planning to have a date on Valentine’s day, the right outfit is a big thing! No matter whether your date is a new crush, your long-standing boyfriend or even your husband, on such a special date you should be sophisticated, elegant, sexy and untouchably at the same time. And as a fashionistas you perfectly know, how you feel and how you appear depends a lot on your outfit and styling.

To give you some inspiration we created 5 outfits that will give you exactly what you need for that special day.



If you like the elegant female look, we recommend you to go for some culottes. They always make a good shape and make your legs look longer. Combine it with a shoulder-free top to add some sex-appeal. Dark blue velvet is the trend of 2017 and suits everyone!

Valentine's Day Outfit 2017 _ 1
















Red is the colour that makes every woman look sophisticated and strong! And men typically like those kind of women, who are strong and know exactly what they want. If red is not your favourite colour for clothes, take black or / and white as the main colour for your outfit and combine it with red accessories and a killer red lipstick.Valentine's day outfit 2017 _ 2
















If you want to look sexy and show a little bit more skin, but still don’t want to be overdressed and too chic, go for a mini dress with long sleeves. This way you show your beautiful legs, but not too much from the top of your body. To give your outfit a little rocky touch, combine it with a short bomber or leather jacket.Valentine's day outfit 2017 _ 3
















The romantic look is an everyone’s favourite look for Valentine’s day. A shoulder free blouse and a hat make you look girly, sweet and a little bit sexy at the same time. It goes perfectly with a jeans overall and some plateau heels.

Valentine's Day 2017 _ 4
















If your date takes place during the evening or in a very posh location, you can go more for the glamorous outfit. Here you can easily take a sexy dress, a mini-jumpsuit or combine your outfit with statement pieces, that will let you be the star of the night and your crush will only have eyes for you!Valentine's day 2017 outfit _ 5
















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