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Written by Beatriz Calero

It seemed that winter was never going to an end, but first rays of summer sunlight are finally approaching!
We couldn´t be more excited to see all the summery clothes already hanging in the shops, and as the good fashionistas we are, we´ve already taken notes of everything what is going to be fashionable this summer so you can be the first one in joining the newest and coolest trends.

Today, we talk about the most important and basic fashion item of the summer: Swimwear! This summer 2016, you need to leave behind your simple and minimalist swimsuits to welcome the most statement and maximalist options.

Swimwear has not anymore a second-class role within the fashion world, and this summer bikinis and swimsuits are almost pieces of art in which almost everything is allowed: crazy and wild prints, extreme shapes and statement adornments.

The most important you need to know is that, swimsuits and bikinis will become the central piece out of your beach outfit. Even if you combine your swimsuit with nice accessories, trendy sandals or wedges and an amazing beach bag, this summer you need to pay more attention than ever to your swimsuit.

Take note of the 5 beach trends that will make you dream and feel like an authentic it girl this summer 2016:

Lace-up swimsuits and bikinis: lace-up items have been a must this season decorating tees, blouses and dresses, and it won´t be different with bikinis and one-piece suits. Most common is to see laces covering the neckline, but we will also find them decorating the bottom part of the bikini or the sides of your swimsuit.
The best about this sexy and original trend is that you can use your lace-up swimsuit both for your beach/pool looks and for a night-outfit using it as a top and combining it with a nice pair of trousers and a pair of high heels.

Lace-up swimwear

Knitted and crochet swimwear: This trend is a classic that Tommy Hilfiger has taken up for this summer.
Crochet swimwear will look fun, unique and really really colorful this summer, and will allow you to show off your inner boho fashionista.
We absolutely love the Kiini crochet reversible bikinis because you can have two amazing and colorful bikinis in one!
The crochet bikini, comfy and easy going, is definitely your type of swimsuit if you are planning to spend the whole day tanning at the beach.

crochet swimwear

Swimsuits and bikinis with extreme cutouts:
This was probably one of the most important summer 2016 swimwear trends spotted at the runways some months ago. This year, body parts will be full of slashes and holes featuring quite a lot of skin.
If you want to tan at the beach you probably should choose another type of swimsuit. However, if you are planning to assist to a boat party or a cool event at the beach or the pool, you will definitely shine with your sexy cutout swimsuit!

Cut outs swimwear

High Neck Crop Top Bikini
: Crop tops are also to swim and tan this summer. These sporty and easy bikinis will be absolutely fashionable this summer. (We have even seen some one-piece suits imitating this form).
The best about the High Neck Crop Top Bikinis is that you can throw on a pair of high waisted shorts with a cool pair of sandals and you’ve just transitioned from beach to bar, as you can see in our outfit below:

 High neck crop top bikini

Fringed Swimsuits and bikinis
: Something really important regarding bikini trends this summer is volume. Therefore, adornments such as fringes or flounces are placed at the top and bottom parts of the swimsuits to give them more volume. This summer, fringes go from really discrete options to XXL fringes (take a look to H&M or Asos fringed bikinis for summer 2016).
We absolutely love this Pocahontas style for the beach! Use your fringed swimsuit for a more special occasion such as to spend the day at your favorite beach club in Ibiza!

fringed swimwear