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Written by Laura Antolín

Waking up in the morning and putting the first thing we grab from the closet. That sounds like something we do quite often, doesn’t it? Or the other way around, we are unable to choose anything among all the many clothes we have and in the end, we choose the same outfit we wear every single week, complaining that we don’t have enough clothes – not true: we have enough, but we always want more. Anyway, can’t we just say that choosing everyday outfit is hard? Now, add the fact that the summer is getting warmer and warmer and we have to get dressed for the office. Isn’t it a nightmare? Having to deal with the heat outside and the air conditioner inside? Choosing a comfortable and appropriate outfit seems nearly impossible… Right, nearly. In DressedIn we are determined to help you out with our clever styling tricks for the summer office outfits. Check them out!


Lightweight fabrics. Rule number 1, if you want to face the hottest summer days, wear light fabrics. Choose cool patterns, and voilà!



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. Not any jumpsuit works. Get a sleeveless one with wide-leg pants. No need to worry about combing the upper and lower part, and you will feel extremely comfortable, whether you are at your desk the whole day, or running from one meeting to another.


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Want to have a taste of the summertime feeling on your outfit?
Nothing like a breezy sundress! How to give it the right twist for the office? Try adding a short blazer over, you will look more professional!


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Another piece with the power of transforming an outfit completely is the vest
. Layer it over a sleeveless shirt and team with a long skirt or straight-leg pants. A pair of heels will give stylize your figure!


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With the tips above, getting dressed for the office in summer will be a piece of cake from now on!