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Written by Beatriz Calero

Zara and Inditex in general, never stop surprising us or growing. The Spanish fashion brand is always absolutely up-to-date about everything what´s new and trendy at the fashion industry. Also, it seems like everything fashionistas want right now has the stamp made in Zara.

Newest project of Inditex has to do with Zara Home: Inditex home wear brand, which has just introduced a new line based on Laundry Care products and called under the name “Laundry”!

With the introduction of this new line, the Spanish brand aims to take advantage of
Zara´s cosmetic, bath & body and fragrances success and popularity!
Seeing how the cosmetic collection was being sold quite well, Zara decided to amplify this product line and to enter a new household product segment.

Zara Home Laundry Care collection includes laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and ironing waters that come in the label’s signature scents: Wild Bamboo, Tuberose Bouquet and White Jasmine. Zara Home Laundry products range from 5,99 € the cheapest o 9,99 € the most expensive one.

So, what is what it makes these laundry products so nice and special? And, why we should spend such amount of money on a laundry product? We have all the keys:

First, you can use these products to wash your clothes both handmade and with your washing machine, and they don´t contain any artificial colourant.

On the other hand, these laundry care products wash and take care of all our clothes and our bedlinen perfuming them with a fresh and long-lasting scent.
And finally, these products are not only absolutely useful and good quality but their format and design couldn’t be more aesthetic! So you will transform the everyday routine of washing your clothes into a more pleasant and comfy experience!

Since the Spanish fashion group was born in 1963, they have made history.

First Zara fashion store opened in La Coruña (Galicia) in 1975, but it was not until 1991 that they created new brands inside the group. The first ones were Pull & Bear and Massimo Dutti.
Zara Home, specialized in furniture and decorative items was created in 2003. And today, Inditex home wear brand has more than 500 shops in 53 countries around the world!

The launching of this new line just reaffirms Zara´s expansion beyond clothes.
Zara Home Laundry Care collection is just Zara´s newest project, but we are quite sure, they will keep exploring new markets, countries and trends and that we will have news to tell you quite soon.

For the moment and as of September, the brand will be selling these laundry products both in their physical stores and online.
As you know, Ibiza´s Zara Home store is located just in the center of Ibiza Town, so if you visit the store don´t forget to try the trendiest laundry products of the market!