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Written by Beatriz Calero

Do you know the difference between Slow and Fast Fashion? If the answer is not, this post may actually change radically your way of shopping clothes!:

Fast fashion is made of all these low-cost clothing collections that (normally) mimic current luxury fashion trends, while slow fashion aims to recognise the impact that the textile industry can make on society. Therefore, Slow Fashion brands and designers practice ethical manufacturing, ensure fair salaries to their workers and use sustainable materials and working processes.

This whole concept of Fast Fashion versus. Slow Fashion was the central topic of conversation at Ibiza´s Fashion Revolution Day, celebrated last Monday (24th of April) at Vila (Plaza Albert i Nieto). This is the second consecutive year that Ibiza participates at the Fashion Revolution Day, which is actually organised in about 70 countries all around the world.

We live in times of social movements and revolutions (feminism, social rights…) Also in the field of fashion. We told you a few weeks about how the statement t-shirts are taking over the streets, but although the message written on our clothes is important, the materials and the manufacture processes are even more. That is why, movements such as Fashion Revolution, call for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion Industry.

Fashion Revolution Day was first organised to mark the fateful day in which 1.138 people died at the Rana Plaza Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013. In order to commemorate this terrible event, as well as to claim the importance of sustainable fashion, the Consell Insular d´Eivissa organized an Slow Fashion Show last Monday. And guess what? The DressedIn Ibiza team received an invitation to this super special event! And, this is all we spotted from behind the scenes:

The Spanish actress, Patricia Montero was chosen as the ambassador of the event. She and her husband, the actor Álex Adróver, have embraced a super healthy lifestyle and they also love to wear sustainable clothes.

On the other hand, Nadege Seguín (designer of Etikology by Nanou Couture) was the presenter of the show. Etikology is probably the most ecological brand out of Adlib. According to Nadege “To follow the trend and to be a fashionable person is not incompatible with respecting the environment”. Other Adlib brands which showcased their sustainable collections at the Fashion Revolution Day were, Tanit Jeans, BSF Men, Espardenyes Torres and K from Kose Priveé.

In addition to the fashion shows, the organisers had also prepared many activities related with the field of sustainable fashion. For them, it is vital to learn more about Slow Fashion and to create awareness among society. Because, after all, “our clothes tell a story about who are we. But, with Slow Fashion, they can tell a better one”.

For more information on the Fashion Revolution campaign, visit

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