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Written by Beatriz Calero

You love fashion as much as you love traveling? We found what will definitely become your new favourite App! Haute Coture House Gucci has just presented their new App functionality known as Gucci Places. This new project is dedicated for all these fashionistas who are always seeking for the unexpected in travel and fashion experiences.

We already believed Gucci App was one of the coolest mobile applications of the fashion industry, but this new project has definitely succeed in winning us. Main goal of Gucci Places is to inspire people (Gucci customers and fashion and culture lovers who are not necessarily Gucci buyers) to explore those locations who mean something special for Alessandro Michele, Gucci´s creative Director. Also, you will be able to discover inspirational places related to the fashion brand´s history. But, first things first: That is how Gucci Places works in case you haven´t tried it yet:

Once you have Gucci´s app downloaded in your cellphone you will find the new functionality in the menu. Gucci Places will add different locations little by little. Of course, the app will use the geolocation services in order to send you notifications every time you pass by a Gucci Place. These locations could actually be anywhere in the world, so maybe you discover one just near you!

Then, once you arrive to the Gucci Place, the device will provide you with detailed information about the location in question so you can learn why the location is important to Gucci´s family!

For the moment, just one place has been unveiled by Gucci Places: Chatsworth, a luxurious country house located in Great Britain. Gucci´s connection to Chatsworth has to do with Michele´s fascination with the British Culture.

Gucci´s creative director is usually influenced (and inspired) by British motifs such as the Punk culture or the English gardens. Actually Gucci´s Cruise 2017 campaign was recorded in Chatsworth.

If you haven´t watched this campaign yet, we encourage to do so. Watch it here.

As an extra, Gucci has also launched an special and exclusive collection devoted to this Chatsworth and Gucci relation. This collection will be on sale only at the Chatsworth store, and Gucci’s Sloane Street store in London.

The idea is that Gucci will launch different exclusive collections, all finished with a patch inspired by the location they discover each time. Therefore, we expect to discover numerous of Gucci items, as well as extraordinary beauty stories behind the different locations during this year. Exciting, huh?

If you are a Gucci fan or you simply love fashion and traveling, don´t wait more: Download their app now and start discovering more about Gucci´s universe!