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Written by Ksenija Rodos

One of the most popular fashion blogger worldwide Leandra Medine has launched a shoe collection, which is now available at
You don’t know about Leandra Medine and her fashion blog man repeller? Well, then it is about time to meet the cool and fun fashion blogger from New York!

Leandra Medine started her fashion blog in 2010. The reason why Leandra became so famous in such a short time is that she is not the typical fashion blogger at all. Unlike other big fashion blogger, who basically just present themselves and their looks via photos, looking pretty and cute, Leandra is more the person who always looks at fashion with a little smile. Her blog is more filled with funny texts than with beautiful and professional photos. And of course her very personal style and statement made her so popular: Dressing the way women love it and men mostly don’t. The typical man repeller!
She wants to put a strong statement that women should not only dress to impress men and squeeze themselves in uncomfortable sexy dresses and killer heels, but the way they feel comfortable, strong and beautiful!
Her funny statements and creative styles caught attention by many smart and confident fashionistas, as she describes her readers.
Meanwhile Leandra is more a business-woman than a blogger, having her own office at the Boradway in Manhattan, New York, running the website and creating her own collections. Like the Leandra Medine Shoe collection!

As her blog and her personal style is very colourful and crazy, so are her own designed shoes. These shoes are the perfect items for extra ordinary fashionistas, who love to express their personality and be in the spot light.
If you had to head-hunt these fabulous trendy new shoes before, you can now easily get them (almost worldwide!) at

Take a spy at our photo gallery and see the whole collection now at