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Written by Beatriz Calero

Lacoste green crocodile is definitely one of most recognisable logos in fashion – alongside with Ralph Lauren or Chanel, among others – Therefore, we could say that their logo is kind of their most important symbol and most important marketing strategy!

However, the French Fashion Firm has decided to leave all these behind for a while, and to create an exclusive series of their best-seller polo shirts featuring 10 of the world´s most threatened animal species in their logo, replacing their popular croco!

Lacoste style and fashion approach have changed a lot during the last years. Lacoste has always been considered one of the most classic brands, mainly selling golf polos and classy sportive clothes. Today, at Lacoste you can go shopping absolutely avant-garde and trendy fashion both for men and women. Actually, they have faced an absolutely new fashionable approach, organising some of the coolest fashion shows and involving themselves in different campaigns and sustainable actions such as this one!

Lacoste leaving its iconic logo is part of a partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. For this partnership, Lacoste will be launching a limited edition of polos. Actually, what it is most interesting is that the French clothing brand will produce a total of 1775 polos, which is the exact number of endangered species in the wild. New logos for this collaboration include varieties of monkey, rabbit, turtle or tiger, among others.

The price per polo is 150,00 €, which is actually the double of the price of a regular one. But, those who managed to shop one of these exclusive Lacoste Polos have contributed to the fight for wildlife conservation, and, of course, have now a Lacoste limited-edition at home!

If you were thinking about shopping yourself one, we have bad news: Right now polos are sold out, but if you still want to help the cause and play your part you can make a donation at the Save our Species web!

Also, if you live in Ibiza or you are visiting the island, and you are planning a shopping day here, you should know that Lacoste store is located at Passeig de Vara de Rey, 14.

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