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Written by Ksenija Rodos; Edited by Beatriz Calero

You can say there are fashion shows on Ibiza and then there are the Kurru Kurru fashion shows!

Last Wednesday Marinela Cifteli, the designer and owner of the fashion label Kurru Kurru invited not only us, but a lot of influencers, bloggers, fashionistas and lifestyle lovers from Ibiza to the amazing Pau Brazil, an outdoor restaurant and event location which we can highly recommend after this magical evening.
But let’s start from the very beginning.

The invitation for the Biollection Fashion Show 2016 at Pau Brazil was sent out a month ago, where our excitement started.
Arriving there around 08:00 pm we were welcomed by the designer in person, who took her time to show us around at the venue and to introduce us to some nice people. We could not feel any more comfortable from the very first second on this event and journalists directly started to make photos of us (and basically everyone who joined the event).

At 09:00 pm the event was starting with a free (and absolutely delicious!) dinner, which was served as the typical Brazilian rodizio (a brazilian all-you-can-eat style, where fresh meat in different varieties is served directly at your table onto your plate).  When a saxophone player and a singer started to entertain everyone, the whole atmosphere became even more magical. You could feel how everyone started to get excited to see the fashion show, which started around 11:00 pm. And now we come to the highlight of the event:

Professional models presented the new collection of Kurru Kurru, which is called Biollection and is inspired by nature.

Everyone who had the chance to meet the wonderful and always-happy designer Marinela Cifteli in person knows, that she loves to travel a lot and takes her inspiration by the colours and patterns of different cultures, landscapes and local traditions.
All prints are made with organic paint, free of toxics and show landscapes like flowers, clouds, sunsets and forests.

No one could make a collection look more classic and elegant in these bright colours. The models at the show looked sophisticated and so gentle at the same time. Like angels flying over the catwalk they seemed untouchable and unflawed at the same time. All materials are just what you wish for on a warm summer day or night.

After the show everyone was so in love with the collection, they just wanted to run the Kurru Kurru boutique and literally get it all!

It was an unforgettable night, which could not have been better organized, making you feel so well, being there, which was presented by View and Vision.

The DressedIn Ibiza team is still dreaming of this event, even days after and we will definitely remember it as the most impressive fashion event on Ibiza in 2016 with the absolutely most worth-seeing collection on Ibiza in 2016!

There is a reason why Hollywood stars are running to the Kurru Kurru boutique as soon as they come to Ibiza, so you should definitely put this fashion boutique on your To-Do list for this summer, no matter if you live on Ibiza or just come here for holidays!