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Written by Ksenija Rodos

It is still off-season on Ibiza, where most of the small boutiques are closed and everyone is getting ready for the summer. Only one more month and everybody will start to open their doors again to shine with a new gleam and present their fashion collections for 2017!

Meanwhile the spring has arrived on Ibiza and endows us with warm and sunny days, which you spend best visiting the extremely creative and artistic markets of the white isle.
Last time we presented you the St. Joan hippy market and this week we visited the St. Jordi Market for you.

The St. Jordi market is not a hippy market but more a flea market, where basically everyone who wants can participate! As a result you can find there a lot of second-hand items and vintage clothes. Nether the less the market is not just a flea market where you are supposed just to find ‘trashy things’ no one needs, quite the contrary. Really cool fashion items of the typical Ibiza style can be found and a lot of little artists are using this spot to showcase their art-works, every single item being one of a kind!

Every Saturday, all year long, you can visit the St. Jordi market in Ibiza (basically in St. Jordi, near the airport) and it is the biggest flea market! Not only for shopaholics a nice way to spend your sunny Saturday walking around at the huge area, enjoining the music some traditional ‘hippies’ of the island are playing with their bongo’s, you can also have some little snacks there and a nice coffee, sitting in the sun!
This is a real place-to-be if you want to meet Ibiza’s residents, as especially in Spring the market is visited most!


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