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Written by Beatriz Calero

We have amazing news for all denim addicts living or visiting Ibiza:

The most popular and successful denim brand around the world, Levi’s, opened a new fashion store in Ibiza this summer. Brand´s new selling point on the island has a surface area of 110 square metres and it is located right in the centre of Ibiza Town (Avenida Ignacio Wallis, 2).

New Levi´s shop in Ibiza is not the only shopping address on the island to find your favourite Levi´s jeans: Fashion boutique All Store Ibiza (C. Periodista Antoni Manel García, 9) was already selling Levi´s items, along with some other International brands.
However, new Levi´s selling point on the white isle will work as a franchise and will offer exclusively Levi´s items to Ibiza´s fashionistas!

Levis Strauss is not just a denim brand, but it is THE denim brand! This American firm created and introduced jeans in 1873. Since then, denim pants become a wardrobe essential for any fashionista!
Apart from jeans, other iconic pieces from Levi´s are denim jackets and shorts.

Levi´s fashion style is unique and different to any other denim brand´s style and that is why fashion insiders all around the world always go to Levi´s when they are looking for a new pair of jeans.

Trendy but with a vintage touch, any of Levi´s denim items is the perfect option to create more alternative outfits. Therefore, Levi´s has also become fashionistas favourite brand to attend music festivals and concerts.
On the other hand, Levi´s traditional jeans can also create minimalist and more elegant looks if you combine them with the appropriate accessories!

Everyday more often, International brands decide to open their shops in Ibiza (which makes us really happy!). It is well known that the island is one of Spain most popular destinations for tourists, but it is also one of most fashionable cities worldwide.

For its part, Levi´s aim is to keep growing in Spain. Actually, Levi´s is planning to open a new Flagship Store in Barcelona, as well as many other shops all around the country.

You haven’t visited Levi’s store in Ibiza yet? It is a good opportunity now to go and start shopping all your new jeans for the upcoming season.
And don´t forget to add Levi´s store to your Ibiza´s shopping list. We are sure it will become one of your favourite shopping spots on the island, and definitely your place to buy jeans!