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Written by Beatriz Calero

If there is an online shop where bloggers and fashionistas all around the world purchase their trendiest outfits, this is Luisaviaroma.

Luisaviaroma is one of the best luxury online sites to shop clothes, shoes and accessories both from men and women. This platform showcases the designs of some of the most prestigious designers out of the textile industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Chloé, Dior or Dolce & Gabbana, among others, but it also promotes the work of creative and talented young designers.

The last designer brand that has recently joined the popular multi brand web is Charo Ruiz, Ibiza´s most iconic and International brand. These are great news, both for the Ibiza´s brand, and for International fashionistas and shoppers that now will be able to purchase the gorgeous designs of the Ibiza designer.

Charo Ruiz born in Barcelona in the 70s, but it moved to the White Isle some years after. It was in Ibiza where the Spanish designer decided to open the brand´s concept store (located just in the centre of Ibiza Town).
Charo Ruiz was the first one in giving Adlib´s fashion a new and modern twist: Her designs, characterized by the white colour, are based on traditional manufacturing processes. However, the designer is always researching and developing new materials and techniques that have as a result a really personal and individual fashion style.
Thirty years after its creation, Charo Ruiz is now an established and prestigious fashion brand settled not just in Spain but also in many countries all around the world.

Charo Ruiz started to become more and more popular during the last years: Many celebrities are wearing Charo Ruiz´s dresses to attend important events, and the brand has participated on many International fair trades and fashion shows.

That is why this collaboration means a lot for Charo Ruiz – opening them the door (even more) to the high luxury fashion industry. This way, Charo Ruiz becomes one of the first Spanish brands to join Luisaviaroma.

For the moment, Charo Ruiz for Luisaviaroma offers a limited collection of basic black and white pieces (dresses, shorts, skirts, blouses and kaftans) that are a perfect display of Charo Ruiz´s style and spirit. If you want to check the complete collection and discover more about the Ibiza brand, you can do it in their website.

In DressedIn Ibiza, we couldn´t be happier to know that Ibiza´s fashion is one step closer to be known worldwide: Now, fashionistas from all over the globe are able to wear the summery, gorgeous and bohemian collections of Charo Ruiz!