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Written by Beatriz Calero

If there is a fashion brand in Ibiza that represents like no other the lifestyle of the white isle, this is Beatrice San Francisco Ibiza (BSF Ibiza). The German designer, her husband Francisco and her daughter Djamila bring this brand, inspired by Ibiza´s nature, freedom and boho-chic lifestyle, to life.

Also, BSF Ibiza is one of these fashion brands that never cease to amaze us. Last month at their show at Adlib Moda Ibiza, they wowed the public with their summer-2016 fashion collection: dresses, pants, overalls and swimsuits that mixed the hottest fashion trends with their original and unique style, which is usually really sexy, comfy and made of neutral and earth tones knitwear.

We were already in love with BSF previous designs, but we have to say that their 2016 collection brings a breathe of fresh air to the original and individual DNA of the Ibiza-alike firm:

BSF 2016 collection for woman offers ultra sensual and feminine garments and items. Long dresses and skirts with long cuts and openings and sensual but natural cleavages stand out among the collection.
Inside BSF woman look book for this summer we can find new colours and tones such as coral or pastel blue or green (apart from their typical colours: khaki, white, black or beige).

Accessories are, more than ever, essential for BSF clothes. Apart from the timeless and bohemian feathers and fringes (so characteristic from Ibiza´s style), we can see XXL earrings, leather chokers or raffia hats.

If BSF Ibiza already started designing masculine clothes last year – and started showcasing them at different fashion events on the island – this summer, Beatrice and her family, have become totally involved with Man Fashion, as they have developed a collection entirely for men.
Francisco designs this part of the collection, which is called BSF MAN.

This part of the collection follows exactly the same style: It is developed in earth and neutral tones and it is made out of knitwear and cotton.

Baggy pants and tees combine in the same colours creating a total-look. This collection aims to dress confident and original men that want to dress different clothes than the ones you can easily find at regular and commercial stores. Also, BSF MAN clothes are made for a daily use, as they are super comfy and simple.

If you like BSF 2016 collection as much as we do, you must visit their newest store in Ibiza Town, which is located at Vara del Rey (at the very heart of the city). Here, the BSF family will provide you with personalised fashion advice, and you will be able to see with your own eyes BSF amazing designs – which usually fit perfectly every body type!

Buy yourself BSF´s timeless and asymmetric mini-dress or any of their 2016 garments, because there is no perfect and fashionable summer in Ibiza without one of Beatrice San Francisco´s boho dresses!

Take a look to the complete look book here and add new BSF store to your Ibiza´s shopping list!