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Written by Beatriz Calero

More fashion specialised press covering the event, many celebrities and influencers supporting Adlib´s fashion, and what it is most important, a lot of design and fashion!!! 46 edition of Adlib Moda Ibiza show, celebrated between the 19th and the 20th of May and which presented the 2018 collections, was probably most glamorous and International edition of Ibiza´s most important fashion event!

There is no doubt, Adlib Moda Ibiza is growing really fast. During the last years, Ibiza´s most important show of the fashion industry has gathered together some of the most promising fashion designers of Spain. At the same time, each year, an increasing number of celebrities and influencers attend the event to support Ibiza´s textile industry!

As you probably know, in its origin, Adlib Moda Ibiza (founded in the 70s) was all about boho-chic fashion designs made mostly in white and with a lot of lace. However, today Adlib Moda Ibiza is no longer just about white and crochet, but more about handmade fashion traditionally produced but with an alternative and original style!

Adlib Designers have left their comfort zones and they have experimented with new styles, materials and textures. The most important for them is to achieve a wow effect between the spectators and to create something different and absolutely new!

Adlib 2017 has counted with the participation of nothing less than 28 designers. Between them, we could see some of the most popular firms and designers of the island such as Beatrice San Francisco, World Family Ibiza or Tanit Jeans Ibiza, among others, but also some newcomers and young designers such as Ibiza Stones or Rebeca Ramis.

But what definitely was the big lost of this edition was Charo Ibiza´s show: The Ibiza-based designer has decided to present her collection for next year on solitary this time.

It is difficult to sum up all the trends spotted at Adlib´s show 2017 as all the creations were absolutely original and unique, but we could say that the night was full of feathers, long and midi dresses with stylish drapes and statement ornaments such as turbans and necklaces. (Scroll up to the photo gallery to take a look)

Just one day before the Adlib Show, the event Futur Adlib took place. It is the first time this show, in the form of a fashion contest, takes place and it aims to help young designers and firms to improve and expand their fashion businesses. This way, the winner of Futur Adlib may probably be part of Adlib Moda Ibiza in the future. The first winner of Futur Adlib is Alfonso Sánchez Gómez, who won the jury with his artisanal designs with exquisite finishes all made in total black. His bags´collection also impressed a lot the whole public!

As absolutely all the Adlib designers and firms deserve to be named, here you have the entire list: Ibimoda, Giampaolo Giardina, Dira Moda Ibiza, Nanou Couture, Evitaloquepuedas, Monica Maxim, World Family Ibiza, K de Kose-Kose Privée, Rebeca Ramis, Linnea Ibiza, Ibiza Stones, Marisa Cela, Virginia Vald, Elisa Pomar, Vintage Ibiza, Jannine Helbling, Espardenyes Torres, Luisa Tur Adlib, Tanit Jeans Ibiza, Siempreprimavera, Beatrice San Francisco, BSF Man, Piluca Bayarri, Isabel Castellar, Ichiana Ibiza, Ivanna Mestres and Tony Bonet (who has been more than 20 years designing and producing Adlib Fashion.)

Pictures: Adlib Moda Ibiza by Imam Comunicación