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Written by Laura Antolín

There is a type of footwear this season that’s making every fashionista and it-girl on Instagram fall in love with: we are talking about the lace-up shoes. After so many months wearing sneakers, we can’t believe that now a shoe as beautiful and delicate as the lace ups is taking over. Don’t take us wrong, we love sneakers, we really do, but you’ll understand that after several seasons wearing the same chunky and sporty shoes, we actually feel like wearing something more feminine, right? Who can blame us?

It’s brands like Fendi, Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra or Isabel Marant the ones that should be appointed as responsible in any case, as their designs with lace-up details are hitting us hard. The infinite laces of these shoes crisscross on our foot climbing our instep and then our ankle until reaching unimagined heights, depending on each model.

Sandals and wedges

Sandals and wedges stand as the preferred choice for a summer day outfit – is this the end of classic gladiators? Lace-up sandals and wedges are the best ally of short length clothes like playsuits and miniskirts, as they create a harmonic contrast with the laces, which cover our ankles and part of our calf as if they were authentic vines. Go for bright and energetic colours as they mix really well with summery outfits, but if you want to lengthen your silhouette visually, choose nude tones. They will merge with your skin and make you look taller!


High heels

Celebrities know it very well: when the night falls and for special occasions, there’s nothing better than a pair of lace-up high-heels. Most of them are thinly high-heeled, but we can also find chunky heels or even platform heels – for all tastes! Sensuality is guaranteed with these shoes and what’s even better is that they will suit a wide range of different outfits. Our proposal? A tight black mini dress or a slip dress. A sexy choice that will give you lots of style doses!


Ballet flats

And if you want to be comfy 24/7, nothing like a pair of ballet flats to make you get ready for whatever may come. Too basic? Add them chic lace-up details! This version of the lace-up shoes is the favourite of fashion bloggers and trendsetters and they are everywhere to be seen this summer. How couldn’t they? They are the perfect match of shorts, boyfriend jeans, maxi and mini dresses and a whole lot of other things besides.


If you are a real fashionista, join the lace-up shoes trend this summer!