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Written by Beatriz Calero

If there’s a shoe trend which is invading the high street (and the designer) collections this new season, that is the sock boot! Statement-stretchy boots – from high legging boots to ankle booties – are the newest obsession between fashion insiders and celebrities.

For those who still don´t know what are we talking about: Sock boots are an hybrid between ankle boots and socks. High End Fashion brand Vetements is responsible from the arise of this trend as they launched the first athletic-sock-inspired boots for their Fall 2016 collection.

However it is one year later that other fashion designers and brands are launching their own sock-boots models! You’ll find versions in leather, suede, neoprene or satin, among others, and all of them come with a subtle and comfy thin heel!

We are aware that sock-boots are not for everybody! (That´s a fact). But if you are one of those who hardly miss a fashion trend, you will probably add a pair of stretchy boots to your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Truth is you will either love them or hate them, but you will probably wear them at some point. Do you want to know how to style time like a fashion expert? Here you have some keys:

  1. The sock-boots: the main focus of your outftit!

No need to say that if you wear a pair of sock-legging boots your legs will definitely become the focus of attention!

Wear them with mini-skirts or short dresses and show off your legs! This sort of outfit is perfect for a girls-night-out in Ibiza!

  1. Wear them with jeans or other ankle pants!

No matter if they are masculine suit pants or rolled denim trousers, the main idea is to show off the boots! If you want to style the sock-boots in your day-a-day, go for a minimal ankle pair and match them with a pair of casual trousers!


  1. Sock boots + midi skirt + trench: The perfect match for your office looks!

Are you looking to add sock boots to a more feminine and elegant outftit? If you want to get a chic look to go to the office or to a date, our advice is to match the sock-boots with a midi skirt or dress and a fashionable trench! The perfect match would be a messy bun or ponytail!


What do you think: You love it and it has become your most recent obsession or you hate it and you think sock-boots must join the list of the so-called ugly shoes?