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Written by Beatriz Calero

Bardot cleavage, off-shoulder top, scoop neck, no matter how you call it, you absolutely need to wear it this summer!

The off-shoulder neck is not just a fashion trend but also a wardrobe essential this season, so show your shoulders and clavicle and get a super feminine, boho and sexy look. With the off-shoulder trend you will show your skin and brag about your amazing tan without being too much!
Bardot neck (its name comes from the cinema and fashion muse Brigitte Bardot) is probably the most important fashion trend for the upcoming season. It´s not just us who say so, but most popular and successful fashion designers and brands have chosen this trend as their favourite one, and, in many cases off-shoulder items dominated the collections at their fashion shows.

The best about this trend is that it can be found on almost every fashion item: Tops, blouses, swimsuits or bikinis, jumpsuits and even sweaters are off-shouldered right now. Actually, if you have been shopping recently, you must know that it is impossible to turn around without seeing an off shoulder piece.

In DressedIn, we couldn’t love more this fashion trend, perfect both for daily and for night outfits, and that will always add a fresh, sexy and lady-like touch to any of your summery looks. If you want to join the off shoulder trend this summer, this is what you need to know:

The Bardot neck could have different forms: With flounces, with small or with asymmetric braces, with or without sleeves, more or less elastic or more or less structured. Straight off shoulder clothes are perfect for night outfits as they add elegance and sophistication to the look. However, more loose items with flounces or asymmetries are the ideal choice for your day-a-day outfits as they are funny, casual and fresh.

If it is the first time you use an off-shoulder blouse or dress, you need to think how to combine it and what accessories and hairdo you will choose to get the perfect match.
Bardot or strapless necklines look great with almost every hairstyle, so if you want to show off your cleavage the best is to choose a high ponytail or a low bow, but it you want to make your look less formal you should go for a natural style with your hair loose.
In what refers to accessories, our advice is to combine it with a pair of XXL earrings or a trendy chocker.

The truth is that both big designers and low cost shops offer this season off shoulder items for every style and personality, so you don´t have excuse to try this flattering fashion trend!