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Written by Laura Antolín

Midi skirts: so elegant, so stylish, so feminine, so… — sigh —, why do we have to be just five feet something? We love midi skirts, yes, but when we try one and we look in the mirror, we don’t look exactly like we imagined — after all we are not Audrey Hepburn… Could we just say the midi skirt trend is too complicated? Its three quarter length doesn’t make it exactly easy for short women. Same goes for its wide leg companion, culottes, another tricky trend whose silhouette does absolutely zero for our figure. Why are trends committed to make us suffer this season? A recipe for disaster, that’s it. So what’s a fashion addict girl to do? Stick to skinny jeans and avoid any kind of long and wide leg clothing? No, we totally refused.

Whatever is holding you back, in DressedIn we show you that you CAN actually wear a midi skirt or culottes, and not just in any way: you can rock them! We break down the misconception that short women cannot pull off these trends! Check out our tipps and you won’t look awkward or frumpy ever again!

1.- Know your hemline. Length is key in midi skirts and culottes. The secret? While tall ladies should go for a mid-calf length, petites are safer with a piece below the knee. It’s all about knowing what suits your figure best.

2.- Find the right silhouette. Pencil, A-line… Who says your midi skirt has to flare out? If you are petite, you will probably want to choose a more fitted style that will help to create a more harmonious figure.


3.- High-waist is a must! Balance the volume of the midi skirt or the culottes by opting for a high waist piece. This will create the illusion that you have longer legs — who said short legged?


4.- Tuck in, tuck in, tuck in. Following the rule of defining your waist, you should also tuck in a sleek blouse or just choose a tight crop top to cinch your waist and look slender. Another cool trick you may want to try to elongate your figure is to wear a top and a skirt of the same colour. It’ll make your outfit look as a whole!


5.- Vertical stripes. This print is always a great help to give off the illusion of a longer silhouette, and besides, it is extremely stylish. A win-win situation!


6.- Complete the look with high heels. The election of high heels is quite obvious — sorry, no flats allowed. They are the perfect partner of midi skirts and culottes as they will lift you and make you look taller. Choose, for example, pointed heels or a block heel sandal to make a difference.

Put our tipps into practice and rock your midi skirt and culottes like never before!