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The Spanish Fashion Brand for Men is not only on a very high quality level, but it is in line with the fashion-conscious and self-confident man who is aware of his daily look!

Macson was born in 1942 in order to make the best shirt in the country. Their effort and commitment led them to make more than one million shirts a year for their customers.

Following the successful feat mentioned and encouraged by their customers, they decided to make a collection to dress the whole man, and that’s when MACSON store concept was born.

The company dresses an urbanite man. Natural fabrics, cottons, wools of the best qualities fuses with state-of-the-art fashion, but without losing the conservative touch. All this has made Macson a brand with great force and able to travel within the fashion market in Europe.

Macson devotes approximately 40% of its collection to satisfy the most exquisite taste of the client when wearing a good suit. The brand offers a variety of fabrics and finishes for all types of styles.

Why we like Macson so much? Because it offers good outfits for every man, no matter what his style is!

Av. Bartomeu de Roselló 6, 07800 Ibiza