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Written by Beatriz Calero

What woman has not dreamed about the perfect dress at least once in her life? This situation is also familiar to us: We are constantly looking at the best fashion covers and dreaming about affording and wearing these gorgeous clothes, bags and shoes one day.

Almost every woman that likes fashion and follows fashion trends tries to wear different clothes everyday. We have to be honest: We, as many other women, like to show off our style by wearing the most stylish and sophisticated garments. And, besides all of that, as women and fashionistas, our social calendar includes different events that require dressing up a little bit more than normal.

We wouldn´t mind to spend a little bit more than normal to buy an outfit for a special occasion, if we wouldn´t know that probably the gown won´t see the light of day again: A lot of times we spend a fortune in a dress, because we want to be splendid at our best friends’ wedding or because we want to ‘wow’ everyone in a special event, and we just use it once.

We know that you won´t give up in your attempt of looking gorgeous in your day a day or in your special events (and neither do we) so, DressedIn Ibiza´s team has dug up to find a definitive solution: Fashion renting!

Yes, It is exactly what you have read. Nowadays you can rent your favourite designer brand clothes and accessories easier and quicker than ever. How? You just need to use your laptop or your mobile phone. Check out these 5 websites and Apps that will make you feel like a fashion star walking down the red carpet:


Rent the Runway: This website rents both dresses and accessories specially devoted to big events, parties or weddings. RTR offers two different renting methods: a short term one in which you select an item and you keep it for 4 to 8 days, after what you return it; And a long term on in which you just keep your fashion piece until you want, and you exchange it after. For that you have to pay a proportional part of the item you are renting (that is nothing in comparison with the original price of the garment!).

The advantage of using this website is that they provide you with a FREE backup garment in case you are not sure about your size. Is there a better way of wearing those brands you love but that you can´t afford? We don´t think so.


Stylelend: This fashion app offers you the possibility of renting designer clothes right from your mobile phone, but it also allows you to give your designer clothes back for cash! Stylelend works through neighbourhoods, connecting people that live near to each other. The best? They bring you the item you want to rent the same day you apply for it and right in your door.


Le Tote: While the first two webs provide you with party and night outfits, Le Tote will offer you a wide range of clothes for your day a day! But this is not the only difference: Le Tote works trough a subscription service, so after paying a monthly fee and filling up a style test and a wish list, they will send you home some items to try out (both clothes and accessories). This selection of items will be based on your interests and your style. If, after trying the item you fall in love with it, you can keep it and send back the rest.


Bag, Borrow or Steal: This website specialised in bags and accessories give you the chance of borrowing, buying or selling (always with big discounts, of course). They have a free shipping service worldwide, so if you are wondering how one of the classic Chanel bags will look on you, just rent it and check it out! Maybe after trying it you can´t resist and you invest in your own one! Who knows? And remember that, if you invite a friend to Bag, Borrow or Steal you will gain 50 dollars to spend on the website.


Rocksbox: There is no perfect outfit without the right accessories! Rocksbox knows it, and that is why they offer you the possibility to rent unlimited designer jewellery for JUST 19 dollars a month. How? First, you take a style survey; then, they send you 3 pieces (hand-selected exclusively for you based on your style and your preferences) to wear on loan; and finally, once you give them back, they send you 3 new ones.