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Written by Beatriz Calero

Dear DressedIn insiders, as you know we are always trying to go ahead of new fashion trends so you have the chance to be the first one in rocking the must-haves of the following seasons!
Therefore, today we want to introduce you what is the newest trend in what refers to shoes for this autumn 2016, which is nothing but lace up ballerinas!

If you have been shopping recently, you would have noticed how ballet-inspired looks in general are having their moment right now. Ballet bodies and skirts will jump directly to the streets in order to make our autumn 2016 outfits absolutely feminine, ladysh and sophisticated, and to make us feel like truly dancers!
Perfect accessory to these ballerina outfits couldn’t be nothing but a pair of ballet flats with ribbons.

Probably it is not the first time you hear about lace up shoes. Roman sandals with strips or laced pointed ballerinas have been fashionable many times before, and you have probably worn them as the good fashionista you are!
However, this season lace-up ballet shoes get upgrade and take a more contemporary shape with original and crazy adornments, which makes them a pair of shoes full of character and personality!

As you know, the ballerina shoe has always been an essential piece on any fashionista wardrobe as they give our looks a touch of formality and elegance. Also, they can be used both in summer and in winter, and they are the perfect alternative to attend a work meeting or a romantic date if you don´t feel like wearing high heels.

New laced-up ballerinas won´t only add elegance to our outfits, but they will also give a cutting-edge and a rock touch to our autumn looks. So, if you are this type that doesn’t want to get unnoticed and you want to become a truly fashion icon, you must get yourself a pair!
We have to admit that we’ve been a little been obsessed with lace-up ballet shoes since we saw how Miu Miu´s reinvented them during the last fashion week. Since then, one of the first ones in joining this trend has been the blogger and it girl Chiara Ferragni – and, as you know, everything she wears directly becomes a massive trend!

Even if Miu Miu´s ballet shoes are certainly one of our favourites, medium and small budget stores like Zara have quickly designed their ballet inspired flats, so right now there are a lot of models to suit the different styles, preferences and budgets.
With metal tacks, in leather or in light pink, choose your style because as you know there is always a perfect shoe for any woman!

We are aware that this new ballerina flat will have many supporters and haters as it always happens when fashion trends are a little bit more different or surprising.

You can´t wait any longer to go shopping the staple shoe of the season? Stop dreaming about them and take a look to our today´s shopping:


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