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Written by Laura Antolín

Age is just a number, right? However, a woman in her forties often opens her closet and feels insecure and bad about her body and image. This should never happen! On the contrary, fashion should be fun and free of stringent rules — fortunately living in Ibiza makes it so much easier thanks to its relaxed lifestyle.

Getting older doesn’t mean to lose style or to be frumpy, and definitely there is not a specific way to dress up like a middle-aged woman either — same as there is not a single way to dress up when you are 20. Of course, your style will change as you won’t wear the same jeans that you wore on your 20’s, but why would you? You can be 45 and look fabulous! In the end, all women want to feel feminine and confident. So, let’s all just embrace our age — whatever it is — and be happy with our body and image. For that reason, in DressedIn Ibiza we’ve compiled a few outfits to inspire middle-aged women in Ibiza. Check them out!

Ibiza has a slow pace of life, so pull off a casual outfit! Get a pair of white pants made of light fabrics or straight-leg shorts for the summer in Ibiza and combine with a pretty blouse or T-shirt to give you a fresh look. Don’t forget to take a fine blazer or knitwear when night falls, and replace platforms and stilettos for classic pumps or flats.


Do you love Ibiza’s boho style? Then, give a Mediterranean touch to your outfit! Go to one of the many local shops — from the boutique Livin’ la vida loca by D Fashion Agency to the beautiful store Marney & Me — and buy a pretty and feminine maxi dress. Complete the look with different accessories, such as bright bracelets and earrings.


Ibiza and beach go hand in hand, so you’d better not miss the chance to go to the amazing coves of the island. Get a beautiful and fresh kaftan to walk along the white sand and pair it with flat sandals and a beach bag. A wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses will be your must-have!


Ibiza is very well-known for its nightlife. Whatever — and wherever — your plans are for the night, you’ll look incredibly flawless with a dress over the knee — one with a pretty lace detail would be a good option. Pair with a suede jacket in case it gets a bit colder later and choose sleek accessories. They will make you shine!


But it’s not all about relaxing or hanging out in Ibiza! If you work on the island and want to show a professional image, consider this: a snowy white two-piece suit with a wide black belt around your waist to make your overall appearance neater. Take a matching bag and subtle mid-heels and you’ll the perfect working outfit to show off your style and figure in Ibiza.


Wear clothes that fir, flatter and reflect yourself and boast of style at any age!


Brands from the first outfit: Saint Tropez, Joseph, Altuzarra, Gucci, Mulberry and Sweet Deluxe.

Brands from the second outfit: Dodo Bar Or, Zalando, Desigual, Fendi and Elizabeth and James.

Brands from the third outfit: Camilla, Aquazzura, Sensi Studio, Mint & Berry and Jeepers Peepers.

Brands from the fourth outfit: s.Oliver, Kennel & Schmenger, Dorothy Perkins and SNÖ of Sweden.

Brands from the fifth outfit: Givenchy, Zana Bayna, Zign and Eddie Borgo,