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Written y Beatriz Calero

Trend alert!!! There is a mini-skirt that is blowing up everybody’s minds out there. Still don´t know what are we talking about? The asymmetric and knotted mini-skirt is the new staple piece between fashionistas right now, and you definitely need one!

Wherever we look around this autumn, we will see asymmetric and knotted skirts: Fashion insiders are wearing them; everybody on fashion magazines and social networks is talking about them, and shops are selling them like crazy!

That´s why today DressedIn gives you all the keys about the most wanted skirt of autumn 2016:


What is the origin of this massive trend?

Fashion designer Isabel Marant was the first one in launching one of these asymmetric and knotted mini-skirts. As you know, low cost shops and brands automatically clone everything Marant creates.
Of course, Zara has launched many different versions of this trendy mini-skirt. However, we have bad news for you: 2017 trendiest mini-skirt is no longer available at and it is in stock almost everywhere!

How to choose your mini-skirt and don’t get wrong?
Piece of cake: Autumn 2016 trendiest mini-skirts have some common features: they are printed with blue check squares or they have a hounds tooth check pattern; they are asymmetric and they usually have a big knot or a flounce.

How to style this mini-skirt:
The best about asymmetric and knotted mini-skirts is they are really versatile and they match with almost everything. Add a pair of elegant booties or pumps and you will get a really sophisticated outfit. On the other hand, you can also combine it with sneakers and a cool t-shirt you will definitely get a super hip, modern and alternative look!

Also, these skirts are normally made of neutral colours such as black and white or grey. Therefore, a good idea is to mix them with colourful accessories or tops.

DressedIn fashion advice: matchy-matchy outfits are still absolutely fashionable, so you can also combine your skirt with a top printed with the same pattern!

Asymmetric and knotted mini-skirts are absolutely chic, feminine and trendy and our favourite fashion insiders are already wearing them. Will you be the next one in joining this trend? Hope so!

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