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Just name me one woman on this planet, who never stood in front of her wardrobe and never ever thought: I have nothing to wear! This situation is familiar to all of us. But we also all know, that this is not really true. Wardrobes of women are mostly packed with clothes, shoes and accessories and, comparing to most men, we have loads to wear. But, how comes we end up standing in front of our wardrobe for ages, starring at it like it’s just an empty space?
A German website made a survey in 2012 asking more than 1.500 women about this phenomena, and they found out that most women just wear about 10% of the clothes in their wardrobe. Oooops, seems like we actually do have something to wear, we just don’t wear it. But why?
Most women always choose the same outfit combinations. We have some favourite pieces and we have some favourite outfit combinations. When we get up in the morning, it’s easiest for us to use these combinations we already now and like.

So, what can we do to actually have something to wear?

Basically the answer is similar to a shopping day, but without spending any money and running through shops.
Choose a day off, take your time, make yourself a nice milk shake, turn on some girly-music, take out everything you have in your wardrobe and let’s have some fashion fun! Maybe don’t put out all your clothes at the same time, cause you will probably realize how many of them you really have. It is easier to find a matching top for your bottom, so

  1. Start to take out your bottoms, like skirts for example. With a skirt an outfit almost has no chance to be boring.
  2. Check some inspirational fashion Instagram accounts, websites or apps. We can recommend you the DressedIn Instagram with a lot of style inspirations, the App “Pose”, where you will also find outfits recommended by DressedIn Ibiza and Pinterest. On Pinterest you can search for the fashion item you need some inspiration for, e.g. “skirt” + “outfit”.
  3. Choose some outfits you like and find some similar tops in your wardrobe to create an outfit.
  4. Try different accessories to pimp your outfit, like jewellery, belts, hats etc.
  5. Try different shoes.
  6. Find out which hairstyle you like most with the outfit.

And if you really can’t stand most of your clothes anymore, give them a new look! You can buy almost everything on Ebay. Get some rivets in gold and silver, some pearls and some stones and start decorating your old clothes, which you find boring. If you don’t like the shapes anymore, you can easily change them through cutting, without being a professional Fashion Designer. So let’s start to be creative!

See some inspirations in the photo gallery.