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Its sounds too nice to be true: Gaining more beauty while your sleeping! It’s a dream of everyone, gaining something while putting as less effort on it as possible. For decades topics like learning new things while sleeping, loosing weight while sleeping or simply becoming more beautiful while sleeping are discussed by many people worldwide.

Well, we don’t know about the facts of learning a new language during your sleep, but we know a few tricks how to increase your natural beauty while dreaming during your night!
Therefore you need to know first, what is actually happening to your body while you are sleeping. Here’s your quick lesson for today (and we hope you’re wide awake now):

While we are sleeping and recovering our body is actually pretty active! Especially the brain, which makes us not only dreaming, but also controls all body functions. This includes not only producing antibodies and distributing growth hormones, but also regenerate our cells and tissue, which is already a process of beauty. Our skin cells regenerate, which has the effect we look fresher after a long sleep.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is recommended to use another face cream for the night as for the day? While during the day you need a cream, which provides you with an uv-protection and other protections against dust and other environmental factors, during the night you can support the beauty of your skin with regenerating substances.


So here are 6 essential evening routines that will support your beauty while your sleeping:


  1. Take of your make-up before you go to bed!

Yes, we guess everyone knows about this rule already, but it is actually one of the most important rules for your evening routines! During the night the production of your sebum is lower, so the dirt sticks more in your pores and produces spots and impure skin.
So, the best is not just to take-of your make-up with an oily make-up remover (which fills your skin pores as well), but also to clean the skin afterwards. The best is to use facial toner for cleaning your skin, as tonic water is opening your pores and makes it easier for the cream you use afterwards to enter into your deep skin layers.

make-up remover

  1. Put on a night cream on your face

During the night your skin is more receptive, so care products can work more effectively.
A night cream mostly is richer and gives more moisture to your skin. A good night cream has different vitamins skin-likely substances like phosphatidylcholine.
As a natural alternative you can mix some (organic) olive oil, which gives your skin moisture with some natural juice you squeeze out of an apple or a carrot. They have loads of vitamins and provide your skin with antioxidants. Carrot juice has the nice side effect of giving you a fresh complexion as well.

night cream


  1. Put some hair care on your hair ends

The advantage on putting some hair care on your hair ends before you go to bed is that it has more time to bring the care to bear. Therefore you do not need to apply a full hair mask on your head. Just put some (organic) olive oil or coconut oil on your fingers and rub it into your hair ends. The next day your hair will be more recovered and shiny!

hair serum night


  1. Put some oil on your nails

The same effect as the oil for your hair can bring some oil for your nails during the night. Nails are a type of skin, they also need to be moisturized to be healthy and strong.
If you have damaged skin around your nails, pumpkin seed oil helps it to heal. Almond oil helps to make your nails stronger if you have brittle finger-nails.
Coconut oil is a master oil as usual, which is especially good your toe nails, as it additionally fights fungi and bacteria.

Nail oil


  1. Cream your hands and feet

As you might know the saying ‘you can uncover the real age of a woman by looking at her hands’, it is really important to keep your hands neat. The same counts for your feet in the summer. So always use a hand cream and a feet cream before you go to bed. During the night the cream has enough time to soak in and will make your hands and feet really smooth on the morning after.
For a special treatment, use a rich and oily hand mask cotton and wool gloves once a week.

hand and foot


  1. Use a growth serum for your lases

It is not many years ago the trend for growth serums for eye lashes (and eye brows) was discovered, and it really works! An affordable alternative is either caster-oil or aloe-vera gel, Just apply it with a clean mascara pencil every night before you go to bed and your lashes (and eye brows, too, if you apply it on them) will grow better and faster.

Serum for lashes


  1. Fight pimple with garlic

Garlic has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you have a spot in your face, cut a clove of garlic and rub the open part of the garlic on your pimple. Not the nicest smell, but the next day the pimple will disappear.

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