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The year is coming to an end. Some of you will remember 2016 as a great year with things never to forget and some of you just can’t wait to forget simply everything this year has brought you. Finally a new chapter, a new year, new chances. So many things we want to change next year. But before we can start with our new good intentions, we have one more mission to complete this year. Well, let’s say two: Choose the right party for New Years Eve’ and choose the right outfit!

If you are going to be on Ibiza for new years evening you are a lucky one. As every year Pacha is hosting its famous Nye party where this year Solomon is going to be playing. But no matter where on earth you will celebrate the night of the year, your outfit is one of the most important ones of the year this night! 

For the average human beings between us who are not invited to a glamorous red carpet event once a month this is our time of glory! Everyone is looking super posh and there are no limits for your outfit for this magical night. And with all this magic you never know what could happen, so you just have to look fabulous.

It is not easy to choose the right outfit for nye. If your budget is low, you might end up with an H&M dress five other girls are wearing as well on the party (could there be anything worse for a fashionistas like you?!). If you saved all your money this year just to spend it on the perfect dress (which is a hard thing for a shopaholic), it might get easier. But also then you could end up looking a little bit boring, as glitter and sequin is seen every year.

So, it is important to look different, trendy, stylish, up-to-date and still glamorous and elegant at the same time!

Challenge accepted! Here are our 5 outfit inspirations for your one-of-a-kind new year’s evening party:





Less than 100.00 Euro:

New Years evening party outfit 2017 - 3















Less than 200.00 Euro:

New Years evening party outfit 2017 - 4















Less than 500,00 Euro:

New Years evening party outfit 2017 - 1















Less than 1000.00 Euro:

New Years Evening Party Outfit 2017 - 5















Less than 2000.00 Euro:

New Years evening party outfit 2017 - 2