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Written by Beatriz Calero

One may think that best time to practice sport is before summer (what is also true): You want to look absolutely fitted and fabulous in your bikini!
However, when summer comes to an end, you totally have the feeling you have lost everything you have done at the gym the former months, and you absolutely need to get rid of all the kilos you gained during the holidays!
That is why September is actually the perfect month to start practicing sport and to do a wish list filled with new objectives for the new season!

During last years, it girls and fashionistas are practicing more and more sport, and healthy lifestyle has become a trending topic. Physical exercise and a healthy diet helps us to maintain the ideal weight, but it also prevents us from suffering stress, it boosts our self-esteem and it helps the body to release endorphins, what finally makes us feel happier and more beautiful!

But, we can´t practice sport in any clothes!!! Old and big t-shirts and loose jogging pants are no longer trendy. The truth is, even you decide to practice open-air exercise or if you want to go to the gym, you need to pay attention to your workout outfit. The key is to find a look that makes you feel stylish, trendy and comfy at the same time!
Do you want to become a glamorous and stylish fitness girl? With this looks you will still look fabulous while sweating and getting fit:


  1. Running outfit:

Running is one of the most popular sports among women that want to get fitted. The best about it is that you can practice it everyday and everywhere, and it is totally free! Our advice: Don´t forget to take your headphones. Music will encourage you to run and will make exercise more entertained and funny!

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_5 (1)


  1. Boxing look:

Boxing is one of most efficient sports to get fitted, to loose weight and to tight your legs, arms and belly!
You can practice boxing inside a gym but you can also do it at the park or at any open air space! The best is that you use shorts and a top because you are going to sweat!

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_2 (1)


  1. Swimming outfit:

Swimming is one of our favourites sports for summer, because you can get fitted while you cool down and you get tanned! This summer, swimsuits are absolutely fashionable, so you can be an authentic fashionista inside the pool! Our advice is that you use a more sportive one to feel more comfy and to swim better.

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_7 (1)


  1. Racket sports look:

Paddle, tennis, badminton… There are a lot of racket sports, and they are super funny and cool as you can play with your boyfriend or with your best friend. Additionally, racket sports allow really cute and stylish outfits made of short dresses and skirts!

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_8 (1)


  1. Yoga outfit:

Yoga is probably the trendiest sport of the last years, and absolutely any it girl or celebrity loves to practice it!
Yoga helps us to get fitted but also to relax and to meditate.
Ibiza´s landscapes and beaches couldn´t be a better scenario to practice yoga while you admire the sea and you breathe. And remember: Never forget your mate!

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_9 (1)


  1. Biking outfit:

You don´t even need to think about riding as a sport, but as a really stylish way of moving around the city. However, if you want to cycle with ease and comfort you absolutely need to wear an appropriate sporty look. Take a look to the biking look we´ve prepared for you:

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_1 (1)

  1. Skating outfit:

Take your skates out of your closet and go skating through the maritime promenade! Our advice: Use really short and light clothes because you will sweat! The perfect skating outfit would be made of a short sportive top, a pair of wide shorts and all the fashionable accessories you want to add!

dressed_in_ibiza_shopping_fashion_workout_outfits_0 (1)

  1. Gym outfit:

You prefer to practice indoor activities? We get it: Sometimes you want to enjoy the air conditioner and to take advantage of all the sport machines and classes the gym has to offer! The key to rock the gym look is to use different layers: Use a top under your sporty tee, so you can get rid of it if you start being warm!

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_3 (1)


  1. Ballet outfit:

Ballet and fashion have always made a perfect couple. If you practice this sport, you have the possibility to use more ladysh, feminine and cute outfits.

dressed_in_ibiza_fashion_shopping_workout_outfits_0 (1)


10. Surf and Paddle Surf outfit:

These sports are absolutely trendy and almost all the celebrities have practiced once in their lives! If you are going to practice any board sport in the sea, don´t forget your sportive bikini, your neoprene (if water is cold), and of course, your sun cream!

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